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If You Can Afford Your Electric Bill Then You Can Afford To Go Solar...

Two Ways To Own Your Power: You Choose!

Don't let some huge faceless business force you into "THEIR WAY" of going solar. You're making a very important upgrade and change in your home and for your family - you want a company who respects that. You want a company who listens and works on YOUR terms... You now have 2 options that have been customized to your needs and preference.


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Get your free online quote in Just 48 hours

Skip the sales pitch and out-of-towner’s with fast-talking salespeople trying to sell you a solar lease. Instead, get your solar quote within 48 hours of your request.

Our solar experts will design a system that fits your unique energy needs using the latest in solar technology!

Invest in your own power generating station with Poulin Solar Pro— ZERO out of pocket, ZERO Sales Tax and ZERO Property Tax.

Pay about what you’re paying right now for your electric bill.

Just answer 5 simple questions about your home and energy needs to receive your comprehensive FREE quote in less than 48 hours

...OR meet with a Certified Solar Advisor at Your Home

Have one of our solar experts come to your home for an energy evaluation and answer any and all questions you have.

They’ll do a thorough analysis of your of your energy use, shaded areas, sun exposure and precise energy needs along with how many panels you’ll need and the best roof location for them.

This will give you the most in-depth overview and peace of mind in deciding if solar is right for you and your home.

Your solar consultation is complementary with zero obligation. As a longstanding supporter and contributor to our community, we’re grateful for the experience to educate our local homeowners in the benefits of going solar

In case you're on the fence about "going solar"...


Whether choosing the online quote or in-person solar advisor consultation, you'll receive:

  • Compare your ROI on your power bill (which is a loss) VS ROI on owning your own system
  • Learn How You’ll Profit By Going Solar: See the current tax incentives, how you’ll save thousands and how you’ll help the environment
  • How Many Panels You’ll Need: Customized for your actual energy usage so you only install what you need
  • Your Precise Monthly Savings
  • ​How Solar Affects Your Home Value: A recent Zillow study showed homes with solar see a value increase of 4.1% – that’s an average of $9,274 per home!
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Solar Benefits:

The following are just a few of the huge upsides to going solar...

  • Return on Investment: Everything you currently pay to PNM is a loss. By going solar, you can actually be in the black – yes! Positive $$ cash flow depending on your power usage and solar generation.
  • Control Your Rate Increases: You’re currently the victim of arbitrary rate increases and the unpredictability can wreak havoc on your monthly bills and financial health. By going solar, you won’t be subject to the heavy blows of a sudden rate increase. You can forget the unhealthy stress and worry that comes with it – you’ll have taken your solar power into your own hands
  • Own Your Power: You no longer depend on PNM for all your power needs – you can weather rate increases and power outages by owning your own electricity.
  • New Way To Buy Solar: Solar energy reverses your carbon footprint and creates a net benefit to your environment – there is nothing more environmentally conscious in 2019 than solar energy
  • Peace: Peace of mind. Financial Peace. Environmental Peace
  • Cleaner air, water, environment, home, health

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