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40+ years of research
Most efficient panels available maximum production for limited space
Lowest annual degradation
Continuous power during a daytime outage
Rapid shutdown compliance
Module-level monitoring
Design flexibility to maximize roof space
Specifically designed to maximize panel efficiency
Up to 25% more energy
Superior efficiency (99.5%)
Headquarters in Albuquerque, NM
US leader for solar racking
Complete solutions for all installation types: pitched roof, flat roof & ground mounts
Brands SolarEdge

WHAT WE OFFERHow Solar Works

Solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity.
The inverter converts solar DC power into an alternating current (AC) suitable for your household appliances.
Your home uses electricity from solar panels first, and additional demand is supplied from the grid.
Meter measures your electricity production and consumption - moving forward when you are using more than you are producing and backwards when you are producing more than you are using.
Any excess power is fed as electricity into the grid.

If you can afford your electric bill, you can afford solar.

WHAT WE OFFEROur solar projects

Solar Installation Project - By Poulin Solar Pro
Solar Installation Project - By Poulin Solar Pro
Solar Installation Project - By Poulin Solar Pro
Solar Installation Project - By Poulin Solar Pro
Solar Installation Project - By Poulin Solar Pro

ABOUT USHelping Albuquerque Homeowners Since 1982.


Founded 40 years ago by Tom Poulin CGR, Poulin Design Remodeling, Inc., has become a mainstay of Albuquerque home renovation.

Completed Projects
Solar Reviews for Poulin Solar Pro
#1 Solar Installer in New Mexico

Albuquerque Solar Panels & Installation

Poulin Design Center has served Albuquerque and the surrounding area for almost 40 years. As part of our mission to help homeowners create the homes of their dreams, we’ve also become the #1 solar panel installer in New Mexico. We employ a team of professional solar installation experts to help you go green and save money at the same time.

Our Solar Equipment 25/25/25 Year Warranty

We’ve partnered with some of the best name-brand solar panel manufacturers to offer Albuquerque homeowners high-quality and affordable solar panels that will help lower utility bills through the use of green energy. To top it all off, all of our solar panel equipment is backed by a 25/25/25-year warranty*. That means you get a 25-year product, performance, and labor warranty with every solar panel installation.

LG Solar Panels

The LG Solar Panels we install are award-winning for their efficiency and durability. They’ve been fine-tuned from their 40+ years of research. If you have limited space, you won’t find more efficient panels on the market from any other manufacturer. They also come with the lowest annual degradation rate, so they’ll keep running efficiently year after year.

Q CELLS Solar Panels

Q CELLS solar panels are a top performer for maximum power with enduring high performance. Q CELLS proprietary Anti PID technology prevents annual degradation performance on their panels. Additionally, the nano-coating on their panels act as a mirror, reflecting more sun ray into the system, that would otherwise be wasted.

Enphase Microinverters

With over a million hours of testing, this microinverter is sure to provide your system with reliable power and efficiency. Enphase uses Burst Mode™ technology to ensure that your solar system captures energy in low light conditions. Plus, it uses the same low-voltage of power that your house uses, making it safe for your home.

Solaredge Inverters

Another award-winning product, Solaredge Inverters, won the 2016 Intersolar and 2018 Edison Awards due to their advanced high-definition wave technology. They offer energy efficiency at the top of their class, and they're extremely small, too. With built-in module-level monitoring, these are the best solar inverters on the market.

Solaredge Power Optimizers

These optimizers also offer increased efficiency compared to the competition. They offer up to 25% more energy than comparable optimizers due to their advanced design.

Unirac Racking

A local company, Unirac, is a leading solar racking company in the U.S. and is headquartered right here in Albuquerque. Their racking system makes it easy to take on all types of solar panel installations:

  • Flat roof
  • Ground mounts
  • Pitched Roof

New Mexico Solar Incentives

There are a variety of solar panel incentives out there to help make installation more affordable. With so much sunshine in our beautiful state, these programs help you convert your old utility systems to a green one that also helps boost the value of your home and property.

Net Metering in New Mexico

As your solar system generates power, you deserve to get credit for it. New Mexico has a net metering way to store the energy your system produces on the grid for you to use later on. If you use more energy than your system produces on a given billing period, then you will be charged for the energy. Conversely, if you don’t use all the energy your system produced in that billing month, then you will have energy credits for the next month to use.

Sustainable Building Tax Credit

No one likes paying taxes, so get a tax credit by going solar! If your home is certified sustainable by the U.S. Green Building Council, you could receive a tax credit of up to $6.50 for every square foot of your home. Remember, solar doesn’t just help you go green; it helps you save green, too!

New Mexico Solar Tax Credits and Exemptions

Energy use is always a concern. That’s why the state and federal governments want to encourage homeowners to switch to solar power. If you’re unsure if it’s right for you, these extra incentives may help convert you.

Property Tax Exemption for Solar

Yes, solar panels can increase the value of your home. However, some homeowners are wary of paying increased property taxes due to their home’s new value. Luckily, the state government has exempted property value increases due to solar panel installation from property taxes. You get the best of both worlds: a home that can sell for more without the tax bill to match.

New Mexico State Sales Tax Exemption

Homeowners going solar in New Mexico will benefit from the $0 state sales tax. That’s right; when a homeowner decides to go solar, they will not be charged sales tax for solar systems that provide space heat, hot water, or electricity to your home.

New Mexico State Solar Tax Credit

Property owners should take advantage of the New Mexico state solar tax credit. It applies to agricultural, commercial, and residential installations and can reduce your state tax payment by whichever is lower of 10% of your total solar energy expenses or up to $6,000.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The federal government also wants homeowners to convert to solar energy. If you purchase your solar energy system outright or through a loan, you will receive a 26% tax credit from the U.S. government in the next tax season. The 26% federal tax credit is applicable through 2022. Then in 2023, the tax credit will be reduced to 22% and 0% in 2024 and onward.

Why Choose Poulin Solar Pro

If you’re looking to convert to sustainable energy, save money on your utility bills, and join the green revolution, make sure to reach out to Poulin Solar Pro today! We are New Mexico’s #1 rated solar panel installer due to our affordable prices and high-quality products.

To get more details about solar panel installations for your home or properties, reach out to us today!

*Based on solar panels by LG Solar. Panels by Q CELLS have a 12-year product warranty with a 25 linear performance guarantee.


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