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About Poulin Solar Pro

Go Solar and own your system for the same payment you pay to PNM every month! Get rid of your electric bill and Go Green with the guarantee of a quality install team by a company you can trust. The Poulin Design Center presents Poulin Solar Pro.

About Solar Panels

At Poulin Solar Pro, we’re passionate about solar panels and how they can help homeowners throughout Albuquerque. We sell high-quality solar panels and their requisite accessories from brands known for their durability and reliability so that your home always has the electricity it needs.

We cater to homeowners throughout the city for whatever reason they want to switch to solar. We’ve helped those who want to save money, do their part to help the environment, and those who would like to have energy independence.

As the solar panel experts in Albuquerque, we deeply understand how solar panels can benefit your home. Even if the very real environmental concerns do not sway you, you can drastically reduce your energy bill and increase the value of your property by installing solar panels. With various current tax incentives available, it’s never been easier to get solar panels for your home.

A solar panel on top of a roof on a sunny day, installed by Poulin Solar Pro

About Our Company

Poulin Solar Pro has served as Albuquerque’s go-to source for solar panel installation for years. We do this by following our mission statement: We make solar easy for New Mexico by providing complete customer satisfaction through quality design, time-tested solar technology, and smooth production methods with a dependable, knowledgeable team.

We know that any addition or new installation to your home leads to anxiety, and our experience, knowledge, and expertise will help you understand the true benefits of how solar panels can improve your home while also making the world just a little bit better.

Our company has spent decades establishing a high level of trust and expertise with Albuquerque homeowners. As long-time residents ourselves, we understand the way homeowners try to balance the need to respect the past while embracing the future. That’s why we believe that solar panels are the ideal solution for many homes looking to reduce their energy bills and establish energy independence.

The Poulin Design Center has been a mainstay in home remodeling for nearly 40 years. With rave reviews on Google, Houzz, and Home Advisor, the Poulin Design Center is one of the most trusted remodelers in the New Mexico Area. Now, we are proud to announce that we have paired up with one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world, so we can offer all of our customers the opportunity to go Solar!

With the guarantee of a quality install team and our knowledgeable Solar Advisors, you will receive superior service from a company you trust. Give us a call today or contact us and let us show you how you can be seeing green!

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