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Complete Home Energy Solutions

Have you experienced the rolling blackouts promised by PNM? With power supply issues for the new solar plants to replace the San Juan Generating Station and the leasing agreement with the Palo Verde Generating Station in Arizona, having electricity for your home is being jeopardized. Learn more here about the problems New Mexico is facing to secure energy in the upcoming years [1].

With blackouts on the horizon for New Mexican residents, we are urging our customers to go solar with battery or generator backup. Even if you already have solar, add your energy backup system to ensure you have electricity through any circumstance.

Be energy independent—
CREATE, USE and STORE your own energy,
without relying on the grid to power your lifestyle.

How to have electricity during a blackout with solar

When you go solar, you can go off grid or stay connected to the grid. The benefit of staying connected to the grid is net metering, where you can save the electricity you generate during the day to use at a later time. It is also more affordable to do, so many of our customers choose this route.

During a blackout, homes that are solar without battery backup will lose power too. This is because it would be dangerous for workers to fix electrical lines that are live from your house. All power going to the grid in that unit is turned off for their safety.

However, if you have a battery backup or a generator, your system will automatically switch off the grid and on to backup power. You can decide which critical circuits such as appliances, internet, TV, furnace or air conditioning will use the electricity from your backup power until power is restored to your home.

How does the battery backup work?

Our company uses Power Sync Battery Backup, as we believe this is the best solution for our customers.

The battery system automatically detects loss of grid power and switches  to backup power without skipping a beat. Once you’re on backup power, you can control which appliances are on backup power to conserve your battery backup all through your app, including your generator.

If you experience an extended power outage, your backup batteries will recharge with your solar panels during the day.

The system is expandable, so you can always add batteries in the future. The system comes with an automatic 7-year limited warranty.

What about backup generators?

With a backup generator, you will have double the assurance to protect your family from a power outage at any time.

We recommended Generac backup generators. These can be fully integrated with your battery system and controlled by the invertor, allowing you to decide when the generator will go on to recharge your batteries with solar energy produced by your system during the day.

So, during a power outage, you will have back up energy from your battery backup, your generator to give your battery time to recharge, and solar energy during the day (charging your battery wall). Pretty sustainable!

How else can I prepare for blackouts?

We like to be prepared for any circumstances that may arise. To conserve energy during a blackout with your system, it’s still good practice to stock up on the basics: canned goods, water, flashlights, batteries, candles, lighters, wood, propane, etc. This will be especially helpful during an extended blackout and help conserve energy from your energy guzzling appliances.

Go solar with battery backup

If you’re ready to learn more about solar with battery backup for your home, get started with a free solar or energy backup system quote.

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