Poulin Solar Pro

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 UPDATE—How Poulin Solar Pro is Responding

UPDATED 3/18/21
As the coronavirus continues to unfold, our top concern is the health and safety of our customers and employees. Solar Pro at the Poulin Design Center is as an essential business under the Infrastructure category for “Residential Construction and Electrical”. We are committed to serving our community through this time of crisis, as well as through every season of life that we may face. Our customers rely on us to update their kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, and solar energy needs. We have made changes to our business as we look to keep the health and safety of our customers and associates. SOLAR PRO APPOINTMENTS
  • In addition to In-Person Solar Consultations, we are also offering Virtual Solar Consultation to ensure we can serve you for your solar energy needs during this time.
  • When we call to confirm your appointment in our Design Center, please let us know if anyone in your household has been ill and we can reschedule or switch to a virtual appointment.
  • Twice a day we are disinfecting the common areas in our Design Center.
  • We are maintaining social distancing among employees and any customers during an appointment.
  • We have advised our employees not to shake hands during introductions, to wear a mask when in the Design Center, and to stay home if they are sick.
  • We will notify you immediately if your appointment will be rescheduled because of illness.