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Solar Panels in New Mexico 

Many people are converting to solar panels for home power and even commercial solar all over New Mexico. If you have not “Gone Solar” yet you may be thinking why many people are so inclined towards the solar panel systems for home power. To clear any confusion, we will help you. There are many reasons why solar systems are the best option for Albuquerque & Santa Fe homeowners. It would be near impossible to list out every reason. However, here are the top four that you may find beneficial.

Energy Independence:

It is no secret that society heavily relies on electricity in our everyday lives, and we are dependent on it. It tends to be something we take for granted as it is so ingrained into our routines. In the case of power outages, the routine is then ruined. Albuquerque homeowners who install solar panels for home power become more independent. If the sun is out, your system is generating electricity for your home.


Another reason that solar panels for home power are the best choice is cost-efficiency. From installation, monthly payments, and lifetime savings, the savings solar panels provide are tremendous. Did you know that you can install solar at no out-of-pocket cost? That is right, you can install solar panels for home power at no upfront cost. 

Choosing this method does not mean it’s free but we can install the system and you would be paying monthly. To put the cherry on top, the payments for your home solar averages 0-30 percent less than what you are already making to the power company. The difference is you eliminate the power bill, there is an end date to your payments and those payments never change.

The Environmental Benefits:

When you install home solar you are essentially creating an energy plant at your home eliminating a ton of pollution caused by your footprint in traditional energy plants. We are far from being able to shut down energy plants around the country, but the more people in Albuquerque that install solar for home power, the less footprint we have. This then begins improving the quality of the air and land.

No More Rising Cost:

We explained the cost efficiency by installing solar for home power, but only touched on no more rising cost. Solar systems are designed to last for 30+ years generating enough power that you eliminate your power bill completely. Here is how it works. When you install solar, the system generates power to power your entire home. 

The excess power then gets distributed back to the grid, giving you credits. Essentially the power company is buying that excess power from you. That credit they are giving you is covering the power usage you are using each month when the sun is not shining. Knowing this, you ultimately have two ways to go solar. The first is buying it outright. 

If you have the financial capabilities this tends to save you even more money, and you never have a bill. The other way is by financing the system and paying it off. This is effective because the payment is usually less than your power bill is today, 20-30 percent less. Now that payment is financed a lot like your car or house. If you don’t refinance it, the payment never changes. 

Each year power companies typically raise their pricing to meet inflation and other factors. Since you have a home solar system and generating your own power, you are immune to these price increases. Imagine having the same power bill as you, or your parents had 10 years ago!

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