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Will Solar Panels Work on Your Roof?

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Will Solar Panels Work on Your Roof?

Will Solar Panels Work on Your Roof?Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, and for a good reason. One state where solar panels are quickly gaining traction is New Mexico. Solar panels offer many benefits to homeowners, including saving money, generating clean energy, and increasing your home’s value. Additionally, through 2022, New Mexico homeowners can save 26% in federal tax credits, then 22% in 2023.

However, before you can start reaping the benefits of solar panels, you need to ensure they will work with your roof. In this article, we will discuss the factors that can affect if solar panels work with your roof and what you can do if they don’t.

Factors that can affect if solar panels will work with your roof

One of the main questions that most homeowners ask is, ‘ is my roof compatible with solar panels?’ Well, most roofs can support solar panels. However, there are a few factors that you need to consider, including;

Age of your roof

If your roof is between 5-10 years old, you need to have a professional roofer come and access it to see if it needs to be replaced before installing solar panels. Installing solar panels on a roof that is old or is in poor condition will only cost you more money down the road beating the purpose of wanting to save with solar panels in the first place.

Type of roof

Solar panels can be installed to suit any roof style and work exceptionally well on adobe-style homes with flat roofs. If you need to replace your roof, you can always pair your new roof with a new solar panel installation. 

Pitch of the roof

The angle or pitch of your roof can also affect if solar panels work. A pitch between 30-40 degrees is ideal. If your roof has a shallower pitch, it may require unique mounts to ensure the solar panels are secure.


Shade is another essential factor when determining if solar panels will work on your roof. If trees or other buildings shade your roof, it may not be a suitable candidate for solar panels. This is because solar panels need direct sunlight to generate power.

Roof orientation

The orientation of your roof is also something to consider. In the Northern Hemisphere, south-facing roofs get the most sun and are the best candidates for solar panels. However, east- and west-facing roofs can also work.

Generally, the roof requirements for solar panels include:

  • The roof should be less than ten years old
  • No shading
  • Good condition
  • A pitch between 30-40 degrees

What to Do If Your Roof Doesn’t Meet the Roof Requirements for Solar Panels

So, what type of roof is best for solar panels? Well, the best type of roof for solar panels is a south-facing roof that is less than ten years old, made of asphalt shingles, and has a pitch between 30-40 degrees. However, if your roof does not meet all of these criteria, there are still options for going solar.

  1. Get a professional roofer to assess your roof and make repairs as needed. This is the best option if your roof is old or in poor condition. They may advise you to replace your roof before installing solar panels.
  2. Look into alternative mounting options. If your roof is shaded or has a shallower pitch, unique mounts can be used to secure the solar panels.
  3. Consider a ground-mounted system. If your roof is unsuitable for solar panels, you can look for a ground-mounted system. This is when the solar panels are installed on racks in your yard.
  4. Look into community solar. If you live in an apartment or condominium, or your roof is unsuitable for solar panels, you can look into community solar. This is when a group of people pool their money to finance a shared solar system.

How Are Solar Panels Installed?

How the solar panels are installed significantly impacts how well they will work and how long they will last. Solar panels should be installed by a professional with experience installing them. This is because they must be mounted securely and wired correctly to your electrical system.

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